FRP Bypass

Samsung Frp Bypass If Calculator method not work 

Hello friends…today I am going to show you how to Samsung Frp Bypass without calculator method or Samsung frp calculator method not working then don’t you worry I am going to tell you a new method to frp bypass your Samsung device, with this method your all old methods like ‘drparser mode not working’  or ‘drparser mode *#0808# not working’ will not work.

Why Previous FRP Bypass methods not work? 

With every new update from Android getting new security features and fixing the loopholes. That makes the device more secure as nobody wants their device to be stolen by someone with bypassed FRP lock.


FRP Bypass without Calculator Method 2018:

  1. Connect your phone with wifi and press Home Button 3 times for TalkBack enable
  2. Now you TalkBack is enabled now drag your finger on your screen and draw big(L) for TalkBack setting
  3. Press Home Button 3 times to disable TalkBack and go to Help and Feedback
  4. Now open “About Switch Access for Android”
  5. Now Play YouTube video and click on the share button
  6. Open Youtube with three dots (…) in share option
  7. When YouTube is open now click on Accounts (top right corner) FRP Bypass
  8. In Accounts click on “Term & privacy policy
  9. Browser open and search “” and download frp apps
  10. Download , and
  11. Install all apps and open “ and go to “Lock Screen & Security” and go to “Other security settings” and go to “Device Administrators” & Deactivate “Android Device Manager”
  12. Now go to apps and Disable “Google Account Manager” and “Google Play Services”
  13. and Install “”FRP Bypass
  14. Now go to Apps and Enable “Google Account Manager” and “Google Play Services”
  15. Now go to Account > Google > Login with your Gmail ID
  16. Restart your Phone FRP Bypass
  17. Now Frp Bypass done without Calculator Method
  18. Done and enjoy


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